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One of the easiest ways to refresh your home is to have it cleaned top to bottom.

Since its founding, We Mean to Clean has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for deep cleaning and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Deep Cleaning: Services
Living room
Bright and Modern Kitchen
Bright Livingroom
Gold Leaf
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All Rooms Deep Cleaning

  • Remove (reachable) cobwebs

  • Clean (reachable) ceiling fans

  • Clean window sills and ledges in all rooms

  • Clean baseboards in all rooms

  • Clean door knobs in all rooms

  • Clean light fixtures in all rooms

  • Empty trash cans in all rooms

  • Clean A/C vents of registers in the floor, wall, or ceiling in all rooms

  • Vacuum all flooring

  • Damp mop all hard flooring​

  • Services Available for Additional Fee

    • Move furniture to clean behind and under

Bedroom Deep Cleaning

  • Make up or change bed linens (please leave clean linens out for us)

  • Dust furniture

  • Hand clean hanging pictures, photographs, or artwork

  • Clean around TV and satellite, stereo, and computer equipment (note: we do not move or clean underneath these items due to accidental disconnects)

  • Clean top of entertainment centers or bookcases (if reachable from floor)

  • Vacuum rugs and under rugs

  • Services Available for Additional Fee

    • Hand wash mini-blinds, vertical blinds or shutters (interior only)

    • Detail wash reachable interior windows, frames, and tracks

    • Organize closet and drawers (folding clothes)

    • Remove small spot or stain from carpet or rug

Living Room / Dining Room Deep Cleaning

  • Hand clean chair/table legs and base

  • Wipe and clean dining table

  • Clean around TV and satellite, stereo and computer equipment (note: we do not move or clean underneath these items due to accidental disconnects)

  • Clean top of entertainment centers or bookcases (if reachable from floor)

  • Hand clean hanging pictures, photographs or artwork

  • Clean inside media closet

  • Vacuum lampshades with attachments

  • Vacuum under (movable) area rugs

  • Clean interior sliding glass door

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

  • Clean and scrub sinks

  • Clean counter tops

  • Clean and scrub tub and showers

  • Clean and scrub inside/outside toilets

  • Shine mirrors

  • Damp wipe exterior of all cabinets

  • Wipe faucets

  • Vacuum and mop floor

  • Wipe light fixtures and door knobs

  • Clean baseboards

  • Clean exposed tracks on doors

  • Services Available for Additional Fee:

    • Power steam clean the drains

    • Clean inside medicine cabinet

    • Steam mop

    • Organize inside of drawers and cabinets

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Clean and disinfect sink

  • Clean cooking oil and grime build up on surfaces of stove

  • Clean aluminum burner drip pans and under the stove top (on an electric stove)

  • Hand wash underside and top of stove vent filter

  • Clean range top

  • Detail hand clean all interior/ exterior of all small appliances on counters (Microwave, toasters, coffee maker, electric can openers…)

  • Damp wipe all (reachable) cabinet doors

  • Clean tops of cabinets (if reachable from the floor)

  • Clean inside oven

  • Services Available For Additional Fee:

    • Clean inside of refrigerator and top of refrigerator (if reachable from floor)

    • Clean inside of pantry or cabinets

    • Organize fridge, pantry

    • Steam mop floors

    • Clean clutter, excessive paperwork, or items on counters, floors and tabletops

Deep Cleaning: Privacy Policy
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